Zimbabwe: The Power, Faith to Forgive Critical in Life

One day Jesus was with his disciples and one of them, Peter asked, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?”

Till seven times? (Matthew 18:21) This is a very powerful question, which will unlock great wisdom and how God feels with regard to forgiving others.

Peter was bold to ask for all of us today, how often should we forgive someone who wrongs us?

He even adds, till seven times?

In a world where the Master said it is impossible for offences not to come, how then are we to handle forgiving offenders?

This article will take you to the next level of your life; it will ensure you climb up the ladder, because forgiveness is the key to your next level of success in life, be it in your finances, marriage, family, spiritual life and yes even in your health. O hallelujah! Do you want to know how Jesus responded to that question above? Read on . . . it will change your life forever!

In Philippians 3:12-14 we hear the Apostle Paul say “I do not count myself to have apprehended it, but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before.”

You see in order to continue climbing up the ladder you need to let go of the past. The past can be very powerful in blocking and stopping people from being who they want to be or getting what they want to get in life. Is it a promotion you are looking for, good health, a joyful marriage, blessed family, a successful project or a dynamic ministry?

Listen to me brother, sister, how you deal with your past will determine your next level in life!

If something bad and negative has happened in your past; betrayal, left alone, hurt, despised, rumoured, cheated, ignored, discouraged or disappointed in whatever form and level I have three words for you, let it go!

Eh but Bishop you don’t even know how bad it was? Friend, trust me, all my life I have served God, seen and helped various people from all walks of life in various situations and circumstances and I can safely tell you the key to dealing with your bleeding past is this — let it go!

Hard as it may be, impossible as it may seem yet we learn from the word of God a very powerful ingredient. At a human level, it can be unbearable and incomprehensible — no wonder faith comes in. Faith helps us do the impossible and unthinkable.

It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

With faith in God and His Word, all things are possible. It is surely impossible to please God without faith. To be able to let go, you need faith to forgive. This is a powerful kind of faith that will embolden you and give you the ability to let go of bitterness, anger and grudge so strong in you that you thought you would take it to the grave with you!

O hallelujah! Why burden yourself and cut short your days on earth! Are you serious bishop? Yes I am. I am very serious! You can drop off that bag of hurt, disappointments, anger and pain you are carrying! You can let it go, forget the past and press toward the goal! Let it go so that you can go forward.

You see, you can’t enjoy your future when you are tied to your past. You can’t go much higher when you are connected to the chains and baggage of the past, they will pull you back and keep you circling in the same place.

What can I do now? Listen to me, if someone hurt you or wronged you, you have to forgive them and let go. Remembering that God also forgave you will help you forgive the next person. What if I don’t forgive? The consequences are worse than if you would have obeyed God’s word.

Not forgiving someone will block the flow of God’s forgiveness on your life according to Matthew 18:35. He forgives you according to how you forgive others. Choose to forgive!

I have also met some people who quickly dismiss the subject of forgiveness claiming that they have let go, forgiven and moved on yet if you remember something bad that happened to you feel a prickle of remorse and arousal of anger in your heart.

Those are traces of bitterness. Probably you see someone who wronged you and you hide from them or change your walking direction to avoid them; that means you still haven’t let go.

Something is still holding you. Let go from your heart and forgive. Forgiveness is more than a confession of your mouth; it’s a decision and a choice that comes from the heart. The good thing is the helper the Holy Spirit will help you do so! O glory! You have help. You are not alone — you can forgive!

I beseech you reader, this day and hour as you read this article and felt some things rumbled in your heart, images and pictures of the people that hurt you, the echo of the words they said to you and bout you — let it all go and choose to forgive! Keeping bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.

You may have been hurt, but holding on to the past will kill you. It will cause you to suffer while the people who hurt you are enjoying life.

Maybe the person who hurt you has forgotten and is now enjoying life, but you are suffering. Choose to forgive because holding on to the past will cause you to suffer, it will hinder you from moving forward and climbing up the ladder.

Even if it’s your parent, child, spouse, relative, neighbour, friend, boss, workmate, pastor, elder, stranger, driver, conductor or whoever it is — forgive! Don’t die just because someone has refused to say sorry. Remember the bible says, “It is impossible for offenses not to come” Luke 17:1.

The offences are not meant to kill you, you must overcome and forgive and move on.

The grace and faith to forgive is available for you right now.

Tap into it! Take faith to forgive! Choose it now and allow God to heal those bruises today, allow the power of the Holy Spirit to touch every broken part of your life and receive healing in your body, mind and soul.

I leave you with the reply of Jesus to Peter’s question, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me?

Seven times? Jesus replied, “I say not unto thee seven times: BUT, until seventy times seven” (7×70=490). For with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27


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