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As with any ministry, when a solitary voice is the only one you hear, the message itself can become stale. In addition, publishing guest blogs offers the unique opportunity to partner with upcoming writers and spiritual leaders, giving exposure to those who bring the healing power of Jesus through their words. To this end, I am excited to extend the opportunity to write a guest article to be featured here on this blog. Articles considered must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Must fall between 500-1000 words in length.
  • Must be classified within one of the following categories: Biblical Exegesis (this would be a more scholarly Biblical analysis),Devotional (this would be a more reflective Biblical analysis with an explicit connection to daily living), Spiritual Formation, Social Justice, or Christian Theology. If you have an idea which does not fall within one of these categories, email me the idea (see below) and we may discuss it.
  • Must be relatively free of typos and ready for publication.
  • Must be a unique publication. In other words, the article should not be published anywhere else. This allows us to provide quality unique content to our readership, and it allows you to tailor your article for this audience. As a guest article is designed to help other bloggers gain exposure, this arrangement is a win-win for us both.
  • Please include a brief bio, as well as the address for your own blog site so that the article may be linked back to you.

If you have an article idea you would like to see published on the The Christian Lifestyle blog, please use the contact form below with your information and article.

Please enter your contact details and your blog post below and we will try to publish your article as soon as possible.

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