Warning: Sadie Robertson Is At It Again. Don’t Read Another Article Until You See This

Sadie Robertson is asking for prayers for a little girl with inoperable cancer. (YouTube)

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Sadie Robertson knows what works when all else fails: Prayer.

In a recent Instagram post, the reality TV star asked her fans to send up words to the Father on behalf of Katie Joyce, a little girl who has an inoperable brain tumor.

“The doctors say we need a miracle. The only thing that can fix this is if we storm the gates of heaven,” Robertson writes. But she takes her post a step further than a specific request for only Katie Joyce.

“Write comments of encouragement, and if you know someone who needs prayer, feel free to write it in a comment and I will pray for all of you as well,” she writes.

The comment feed now alternates between heart-felt prayers for the little girl and requests for other suffering individuals. The requests include everything from separated families to sick children.

Some use the praying-hands emojis to communicate their hearts while others list specifics:

“I’ll be praying for her and you and your family and friends as well! God and Jesus make miracles happen every single day and I’m so thankful and beyond grateful for them! Pray for me and all of my friends starting high school tomorrow! I’m nervous. Thank you so much!” One commenter writes.

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Leave it to Sadie Robertson asking for a miracle to unite the positive people of Instagram.


(Instagram/Sadie Robertson)
Katie Joyce is still able to smile as she is photographed on her bed. ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson is praying for a miracle that can cure her.

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