The Robertson’s Urged For Prayers Before A Complicated Surgery, God Be With This Family

For the last 4 years, the Robertson’s have taken us into their homes and we’ve learned so much watching them all grow.

The Robertson family has not only captured the hearts of America because of their humor, but also because of their faith in God and their strong sense of community. They have shown families all over what it means to stick together and be each other’s greatest supporters.


The past couple of weeks have been very special for the Robertson family because A&E has started releasing their top 10 favorite moments from the past ten seasons of the show. One of the top moments was when Jep and Missy’s daughter, Mia, underwent a complicated surgery – and it was definitely one of our favorites too!

Sweet little Mia was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate. When she was still in the womb the doctors noticed that she was going to have the cleft lip and palate and warned Missy and Jep about it. By the time Mia was only 12 years old she had several surgeries, and unfortunately she still may need more.

This hasn’t been an easy task for the Robertson family but they shared that their faith and their love are the two things that have kept them strong through all of it. The flashback favorite moment was when Mia asked if they could have a family reunion before her latest surgery.

Earlier in the show she had heard her dad and his brothers talk about how awesome it was growing up in such a huge family and having so many cousins. Mia decided that she wanted to meet all of those family members before her big surgery.


The family reunion was so so special for Mia and all of her family. Sadie and John Luke walked around asking everyone how they were related and after it was almost over little Mia took the stage.

She took the mic and thanked all of her family for coming to the reunion and supporting her. Not only did she share her gratitude, but she also read her favorite bible verse. This family’s faith in God is such a huge part of who they are and it is so awesome to see even their youngest family members show their faith as well.

“I’ve had four surgeries so far and I’ll have another one in a few days. It’s a biggie, I have to drink all my food for three months. I’m a little scared about that because I’m really gonna miss chicken nuggets…Be still and know that I am God…Whenever I feel sad or have struggles, I know that God is bigger that all that and He is bigger than any of your struggles, too.”

Mia is doing GREAT! And doesn’t need surgery for quite a while now!

Watch her full speech below:


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