The Christian Journey- Kavin Rowtham Keeps It Real

Mandeville, Manchester:

While many young Christians battle with the woes of unfaithfulness to God, and some even deciding to leave the fold because they have fallen far from grace, Kavin Rowtham is firm in his belief that what truly matters is rising sincerely with strength from God.

Having been a baptised member of the church since he was 12 years old, Rowtham explains that all the wrongs he has done cannot be classified as mistakes, but lessons.

“The journey has been one of many lessons – some persons would say mistakes, but I say lessons because I endeavour to learn from my mistakes. Through all of that, I’ve always found my way back to God through His word and music and songs – I can’t leave out the music; it keeps me going.”

Adopting the notion that ‘no man is an island’, the young Christian says that without the support of others who are like minded, the road can become unbearable.

Support System

“My support comes from all over. I have older male church members who I can confide in and get some well-needed advice. I also have close friends who can relate to my situations and we can have a chat about things and share our different opinions and various solutions. Some of them have even served as role models in one way or another, and that encourages me to be strong in the Lord,”

He continued, “There are also my family members, especially my mom, who never stops praying for me and is always there no matter what. It also helps that I’m a Momma’s boy (laughing), so we have a good relationship, and that makes any topic a welcomed one for discussion. I’m now at that time in my life that I feel comfortable to say that I’m in a serious relationship, and that person also provides me with great support. She sends me my daily scripture in the morning, which makes it easy to catch up on the word, especially when I have busy days at work.”

But what has been the hardest thing for him since being a Christian?

“The hardest thing is probably staying celibate. As a young person, the body wants what it wants, but with prayer and faith and keeping my mind set on God, coupled with some good decision making, in terms of knowing where to be and where not to be, I’m still holding strong,” beamed Rowtham

As the world changes and earthly pleasures become more appealing, does Christianity cause ones social life to be dull? Rowtham says, “Absolutely not!”

Christian Social Life

“No, I don’t feel like my social life suffers because of my Christianity. I still go out with my friends, we play pool, we hang out, chat and laugh, and there is always the occasional movie and dinner with the lady. The things that most young persons find fun, like partying, drinking etc., I don’t consider it a loss that I don’t partake. I actually have no interest in that because I’ve come to understand that in serving God, there has to be something different about you from persons who aren’t Christians. There also has to be a change in priorities and the way you think. Romans 12: 1-2 says it clearly.”

With positive words of encouragement for his fellow brothers and sisters, he ended: “No one is perfect, but don’t use that as an excuse to keep sinning. Learn from your mistakes and try never to fall in the same hole more than once. Pray more than you do anything else … . Keep studying the word. It will strengthen you and you’ll be surprised at how resilient you become. And last, just love God and serve Him and be happy. This world is far from ideal, but we are working for a greater prize in a better place. Also, be ready to tell people about Christ because that is our purpose. We are his mouthpiece so we have to speak up”.


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