Sadie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ was in a serious car crash – Is She Okay??

Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was in a serious car accident on Tuesday morning, according to a Wednesday report on Political Insider. Thankfully, the 18-year-old has escaped without serious injuries. Considering the extent of the accident and condition of the car, Sadie was very fortunate just to escape with her life. She only had a swollen knee and a sore neck.

Sadie is thankful she was spared serious injury.

Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Sherri Hill


Of course, Robertson has responded to the situation with her usual faith in God, crediting her safety as the protection of the Lord. She expressed great relief that the other person involved was fine, too. Sadie posted her news on her Instagram account, legitSadieRob, a link to which was posted to her @Sadierob Twitter account.

Sadie Robertson has been a consistent voice for Christian living among the teenage set, gaining more popularity with her appearance last season in “Dancing With the Stars.” There was always slightly tongue-in-cheek speculation about whether her conservative parents would approve of the normally-revealing costumes. Many girls look up to Sadie for advice about issues like modesty and purity, and she is an effective voice encouraging girls to hold tightly to their virginity.

Sadie has also done professional modeling, and she has a beautiful singing voice. This talented young lady has a bright future ahead of her, and, thankfully, she has lived to sing, act, dance and shine her inner light for yet another day. The California DMV reports that the crash rate for 16 to 19-year-olds is 2.7 times higher than other drivers. It can happen to anyone, but it is even more likely to happen to younger drivers.

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