Phil Robertson: World’s problems rooted in one reason — ‘No Jesus’

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson told a national Fox News audience that the main reason for the world’s turmoil was simple: “No Jesus,” he said.

Look at Hitler — look at the outcome of communism, he said, during an interview with Sean Hannity.

“Look at the blood spilled with those two,” he said, Newsmax rerouted. “No Jesus with them either. Then this latest [Islamic terrorism] crop pops their head up. It’s just an ideology under the guise of religion. They want to conquer the world. There’s no Jesus with them either. And they’re famous for murder.”

He went on, decrying the plight of the world without God.

“These materialists, these hedonists, these atheists, agnostics, it just goes on — idealism, determinism,” Mr. Robertson said, Newsmax reported. “There’s always an -ism or a theory that people expound on … when there is no Jesus.”

Mr. Robertson also cautioned America against turning from God, saying the nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles but had “walled God off” and was floundering, Newsmax reported.


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