Phil Robertson Reveals Where He Will Move If Hillary Clinton Wins The Election

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and outspoken Republican continues to be on the road doing press for his film Torchbearer, which comes in the ideal moment to also discuss politics.

A Trump advocate, Robertson, includes a few choice words for experts of the Republican Presidential candidate.

“I would say they need to lighten up, start going out and preaching the gospel to different people, including Donald Trump, and give him some time to think about spiritual matters, and work with him, and not condemn anybody,” he said, according to Us Weekly.

Robertson has even asked to be on Trump’s cabinet as his Spiritual Advisor. He feels that although Trump is new to politics, he may just be the answer America needs.

While most celebrities are saying they will move if Trump is elected, Robertson revealed to Breibart News Daily that if Hillary Clinton wins, he will move.

“The day has come now. It is a tipping point. And if Donald Trump does not win, I think I’m going to the woods and stay there the rest of my life on the Earth,” he said.

He ends his interview with a simple statement on why he is a such a staunch Trump supporter.

“My take on it is, better a man who sticks his foot in his mouth from time to time than a woman who pours out lies. Therefore, if he’s a loose cannon, I’ll take one loose cannon that will operate, and it will fire, than a hundred that are old, rusty, and worn out.”

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