Phil Robertson: “I Would Consider Killing Both With Equal Enthusiasm, You Know What I’m Saying?”

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Robertson family, is not happy with the nuclear proliferation deal agreed upon by the United States, the P5+1 world powers, and Iran.

At the “Stop Iran” rally in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday outside the U.S. Capitol building, Robertson told IJ about his trip this weekend. He said it was his first trip to the nation’s capital.

When IJ asked Robertson if he’d rather kill a duck or the Iran deal, he replied:

“I would consider killing both with equal enthusiasm, you know what I’m saying?”


He also insisted that Iranian government cannot be trusted, due to their virulently anti-American sentiments and culture:

“Some fool said that what we do is give the Iranians $150 billion, let them self-police themselves, and put our greatest ally, most faithful friend, Israel — in a bind. I’m like are you nuts?! They’re saying ‘death to [America]’ while you’re doing the deal with them.”

Also in attendance at the rally were notable presidential candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The deadline for Congress to vote on disapproval of the nuclear deal is September 17th, the day after the second Republican primary debate. Despite fierce opposition, enough Democratic Senators have vowed support for the deal in order to prevent an override of any veto by President Obama.

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