Faith Walk: Hold On

Henry Dempsey was a pilot flying a commuter flight from Portland, Maine to Boston. When he heard an unusual noise in the back of the aircraft, he asked his copilot to take over as he went to check out the source of the noise.

The mysterious noise was caused by a rear door that had not been properly latched before takeoff. When the aircraft hit some turbulence, Mr. Dempsey leaned against the door, which was hinged at the bottom, and the stairway door opened. He tumbled forward, grabbed the railings as he fell, and lay upside down on the stairs as the plane cruised at 190 miles per hour at an altitude of 4,000 feet.

Seeing the red light that indicated an open door, the co-pilot radioed the nearest airport requesting an emergency landing. He thought the pilot had fallen out of the plane. However, when the plane landed, they found Henry Dempsey holding on to the railings of the stairway door.

The co-pilot did not realize Dempsey was hanging on until the plane was on the ground.

This is a true story. It was published in the New York Times on Sept. 3, 1987.

When it seems like the bottom has dropped out from beneath you, you have only two choices – hold on or let go.

Don’t let go! Hold on to God’s promises in His Word like never before.

When your heart is breaking over a great loss and you cannot understand “Why” – hold on!

When you have been misused, falsely accused and betrayed-Hold on!

When your life seems to be falling apart, you are discouraged and want to hide from the world-Hold on!

There is no other good choice. If you let go, you lose. If you hold on, you win.

You cannot win if you quit. If you hold on, God will give you a safe landing!

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