Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson writes $2,500 check toward Catholic High food drive

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St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge may have received some celebrity endorsements for its canned food drive, but its competitor Catholic High School just stepped it up a notch.

Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, tweeted Wednesday afternoon that he had donated $2,500 to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank in support of Catholic High’s canned food drive.

The boys of Catholic High are competing against the girls of St. Joseph’s Academy as part of their annual “Challenge Week.” While the main Challenge Week event isn’t until Friday, the schools could earn an early extra point toward their score if they collected enough canned food to meet a goal of 30 pounds per student.

St. Joseph’s Academy students bombarded talk show host Ellen DeGeneres with tweets asking for her help with the food drive. On Tuesday, she tweeted support for the drive, and country musician Brad Paisley chimed in as well. At least as far as has been announced, their support only extended to the Twittersphere — there’s no indication that they donated any funds.

So now that Robertson has put some money behind his endorsement, will DeGeneres or other celebrities pony up some cash for St. Joseph’s? Only time will tell.

While the St. Joseph’s students were using the hashtag #GirlsCAN to support their drive, Robertson shot back with the hashtags #BoysCAN and #WeAllCAN.

When this food drive started, who would have guessed it would become such a celebrity endeavor?



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