Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson: I have trouble with self-confidence, too

Sadie Robertson – she of the expressive brown eyes, quick smile and bearded “Duck Dynasty” father — is one of the most famous 17-year-olds in the United States. She has her own fashion line with Sherri Hill, her own greeting card series with DaySpring, and has written a book, “Live Original,” she’s talked about on national TV news programs. She went “Dancing with the Stars” last fall, toured as a speaker with Christian musicians’ WinterJam 2015, and will speak to an expected 20,000 people this weekend, May 15-16, 2015, at SoulStock 2015 in Decatur, Ala.

Does all that make her sound like a confident person? The opposite is true, Sadie said, speaking with Wednesday morning. In fact, the reason that she started speaking on the topic of confidence last year is because she has trouble with having confidence herself.

“Faith is everything,” Sadie said. “Everybody talks about how you need faith to go through hard times, but I couldn’t go through these crazy and good times without God. That’s where my confidence comes from. That’s where my peace comes from.”

900 for Jesus

Sadie spoke May 9 at RUSH Weekend 2015, a recreation and worship event in Thomaston, Ga., that is especially aimed at teenagers who have not been involved in church. reports that after her talk, some 900 kids turned their lives over to Christ. Sadie gives any credit for that kind of thing to God.

“I don’t have all the answers,” Sadie said. “But people know that whether I’m at home with my family or on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or something, I am who I am. That makes me more relatable.”

And multitudes do relate to her. She has more than 2 million Instagram followers at@LegitSadieRob and 1.5 million Twitter followers at @SadieRob. When she opens her computer in her bedroom and tapes a quiet testimony about her own struggles with jealously and insecurity, the video gets 2.8 million views, and “Good Morning, America” asks her to come on the show to talk about it.

“I want to see people ‘Live Original,’ and you can only reach that goal by being who God created you to be and only by being the best ‘you’ you can be,” Sadie says in the You Tube video she posted after her younger sister urged her to.

As much as she enjoys meeting people, don’t expect to run into Sadie much in the crowd at SoulStock. She said she’s learned it’s best to just wait her turn backstage.

“People get excited,” Sadie said. “It’s crazy. If I did that, I would take a lot of pictures (people wanting selfies with her). And like at the baseball game, I have to a lot of friends surrounding me because it can get out of hand. It’s a weird deal.”

Keeping it real

Despite the weirdness, Sadie has wedged space into her schedule this week to make it to Montgomery to cheer the Madison Academy Mustangs’ baseball team as they go for the state championship. Sadie’s boyfriend, Blake Coward, plays shortstop and catcher for the team. If the team wins, then the Madison Academy athletes will become the first Class 3A teams in Alabama’s history to have won three state championships during a single school year. Thus far, Mustangs have won state for boys’ basketball and for football with Blake Coward as quarterback.

“Yeah, he’s really good,” Sadie said with the hint of a giggle, same as any other 17-year-old talking about her cute boyfriend.

To prepare for Saturday night’s talk, Sadie said she talked to the organizers of SoulStock to find out what is on the minds of teenagers in this area. She said her part of the program might be a question-and-answer format.

She’s visited the Tennessee Valley from her home in Louisiana often because she has cousins who live in Madison, Ala. Madison is where she met Blake Coward last year.

Sadie’s life has the glamorous side – “the crazy side,” Sadie puts it – and then the at-home, finish-the-homework, do-the-chores, hang-out-with-old friends side.

“That makes it easier – whenever I’m back home, I spend time with the friends I’ve known all my life and with my family,” Sadie said. “I like to keep it pretty real, no matter what it is.”


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