Sadie Robertson Stands Up For Biblical Dating

Regardless of the judging she stays true to her biblical dating and is hoping this path will someday lead to marriage. When you date and stick to Christian values, you show your support for biblical marriage as well.

Here are some ways Sadie Robertson supports biblical marriage and stays true to her faith.

1. She is staying pure and saving herself for marriage.

“My boyfriend is very supportive of me publicly displaying my decision to stay pure until marriage, I think it’s also important because as teenagers we always get “the talk” from adults…it’s another thing to hear about it from somebody who’s going through it with you.”


2. Sadie and her boyfriend pray together before dates.


They pray together daily and that leads to biblical dating. Then biblical marriage!


3. Sadie and her boyfriend make sure they are never home alone.


To avoid temptation they always hang around friends and family.


I wish y’all girls would follow Sadie in her path to biblical marriage!



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